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Les soins spécifiques



Diagnosed in April 2005 for occasionally infected seborrhoeic acne, with pigmentation spots on the forehead and chin.

Treatment: :
  • 1 facial in order to start proper care. Trial samples of products adapted to the case and skin type used over a period of one month: IMMUNO for its detoxifying and regenerative action and SYNCHRO for its nourishing and calming powers.
  • Medical corrective make-up, SPF 15.
  • Guidance and support on a blood group diet. Advice on food which causes negative effects on the skin.
Results after 3 months

The micro cysts and pigmentation spots have disappeared, the pores are tightened and the complexion is unified.
IMMUNO is then used if blemishes appear, and SYNCHRO as a night cream in order to give the skin all it needs on a daily basis.

Redness on the prominent parts of the face (cheekbones). Inflammation marks, hyper-sensitive and reactive skin.

6 months treatment
  • Initial treatment: VASCO to nourish the micro capillaries and cover the imperfections, SYNCHRO for its nourishing elements.
  • Medical corrective make-up.
Important advice for people with fair skins and rosacea: :
Ensure you are protected from UV rays, light and sun.

Results after 6 months
The redness has disappeared as well as the marks due to the inflammation, the complexion is unified.



Allied health and beauty, lymphatic fluid which the Greeks called white blood represents 15% of our body weight.
Lymph bathes our tissues and helps to purify and regenerate.
She brings in her current toxins, it manages our immune defenses and brings nutrients to the cells.
We understand its role in the state of our tissues and its importance to our overall well-being.

The main indication is the treatment of edema.

Post-traumatic edema and post surgical.

Drainage is indicated for the treatment of edema and postoperative scars for risk reduction keloids, and reducing the risk of infection.

On the face :

Revealing of inner harmony, the effect is invigorating, the cells regenerate, circulation is stimulated, wrinkles are reduced and a natural facelift is in the program.
The complexion is bright, the skin is hydrated.
Health and beauty are in perfect harmony.

On the body :

If the lymph does not circulate (water retention, cellulitis) is the general lack of energy that gives the impression of being always tired (e).
To stimulate all the physical cleaning process of purification and energy restarting.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Dr. VODDER is designed to promote and accelerate the flow of lymph, it is a slight gentle massage, slow and rhythmic providing a general relaxation of the body.

By its action as well preventive and curative, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage is particularly indicated in the following cases:
Edema - infiltration
Scars, bruises, contusions
Acne, eczema, rosacea, burns, circulatory problems (heavy legs - cellulite)
Colds, sinusitis, headaches, migraines, stress, insomnia, depression.


The foot reflexology, Ingham Method in the "Touching the Orthopaedic Energy".

Ancient technique to balance energies

Preventive method of well-being and health, reflexology acts at all levels of the organization by balancing the energies and harmonizing the body with the mind. The sessions are very enjoyable, relaxing and revitalizing. Also effective to facilitate thinning by activating the lymphatic circulation and think positive when passengers depression. Note: facial reflexology is an effective rejuvenation technique pressure certain points that provide a lifting effect without the constraints of surgery.

Effective stimulation to areas of foot in relation to each part of the body by way nervous reflex, for:
  • Relax against the stress of the day.
  • Relieve pain (joint, muscle, visceral, dental ...)
  • Help blood circulation and facilitate the elimination of toxins
  • Improve body functions
  • Strengthen the natural defenses and increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments ... poses no medical diagnosis and allows "Starting afresh on the right foot!"
Foot reflexology has demonstrated the ability to treat a large number of disorders.
The most common of them are:
  • stress and overwork,
  • neuralgia
  • les migraines
  • les insomnia,
  • blood circulation problems:
    - varicose veins,
    - blood pressure...
  • digestive disorders:
    - stomach ache,,
    - constipation,
    - bloating...
  • the disorders of the glandular system,
  • muscle and joint pain:
    - back pain,,
    - torticollis,
    - cramps,
    - osteoarthritis of the knee and shoulder ...
It is also practiced to relaxation purposes.

It offers an effective antidote against the negative effects of stress. Practiced regularly, it can effectively prevent many psycho-emotional imbalances original, before the onset of imbalances symptomatic, functional.

Indicated for diseases of civilization nervous and autoimmune system, sleeping disorders, endocrine imbalance, depression shots, grief, excessive emotionality, self-deprecation, recovering, headache, hypertension, nervous disorders, stress, anxiety, to reveal the cause of emotional health imbalance.

Stimulation of hundreds of nerve endings on the feet generates a deep relaxation and revitalizing, during which the body's healing abilities are enabled.